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Innovative technology partnerships that fuel engaging learning experiences

We partner with several technology companies to meet you where you are and support your whole learning ecosystem. These partnerships help us create human centered solutions that engage your learners.

Featured technology partners

We’ve built exclusive learning solutions in collaboration with these innovative technology providers.

Intrepid logo


Blanchard® has partnered with Intrepid, the leading collaborative learning platform, to scale and drive deep and impactful online learning experiences. This partnership powers our Collaborative Online offerings, a series of “digitally blended” learning journeys to engage both cohorts and small breakout groups. The Collaborative Online experience combines our proven content and leadership models with Intrepid’s social collaboration capabilities, enabling applied learning over time.

Advantexe logo


Blanchard® has partnered with Advantexe, a global leader in digital simulation-centric training solutions, to offer The SLII® Challenge Simulation to support the application of SLII® skills of goal setting, diagnosing, and matching. This simulation-centric learning experience follows a proven process of learn, practice, assess, and reflect to provide the most effective structure to absorb, adopt, and apply the concepts taught within SLII® quickly and efficiently. Simulation participants access timely resources that can be used back on the job, and a series of interactive micro-simulations for application-based learning and skill-building.

Mobile Coach Logo

Mobile Coach

Blanchard® has partnered with Mobile Coach, the leading enterprise software service platform for designing, deploying, and managing chatbots, to develop Kenbot™ for SLII®. This chatbot helps learners apply and master leadership skills taught in SLII. It is the first in a series of chatbots to support Blanchard learning solutions. By providing on-demand support, Kenbot for SLII empowers learners to integrate SLII more quickly into the workplace. This instant access to essential information transforms aspiring individuals into inspiring leaders who know how to give their people the proper support and direction when needed.

Talespin Logo


Blanchard® has partnered with Talespin, a leading immersive technology developer, to create a series of learning modules on building and restoring trust. With our Building Trust VR Simulation, learners have realistic conversations with a virtual team member to reinforce the training concepts. Virtual reality is emerging as an impactful learning modality. The modules we created using the Talespin platform help individuals validate their skills and find upward mobility in the workforce.

Learning experience platform partners

Access Blanchard’s award-winning content and training solutions through these learning and development platforms.

Degreed Logo


Blanchard has partnered with Degreed to integrate our full catalog of digital assets and online courses, allowing Degreed clients to deliver world-class leadership content in a flexible, self-paced format that’s available when and where employees need it. Blanchard offerings on the Degreed platform include:

  1. Blanchard® Leadership on the Go: Via Degreed One-Click provider functionality, this collection of curated resources has been hand-selected by Blanchard’s leadership experts and made available to all Degreed clients free of charge.
  2. The Best of SLII®: SLII and Self Leadership. Use them together to give your leaders and their people a shared framework and language for succeeding in the workplace.
  3. The Best of Blanchard®: Our comprehensive collection of solutions creates an engaged, innovative, and productive workforce. Content available includes SLII, Self Leadership, Leading People Through Change®, Coaching Essentials®, Blanchard Management Essentials®, Building Trust, and Conversational Capacity®.

OpenSesame Logo


Blanchard has partnered with OpenSesame, a market-leading SaaS global elearning innovator, to include hundreds of Blanchard’s digital assets, videos, and microlearning in OpenSesame’s course catalog. Using OpenSesame’s award-winning technology, Blanchard extends access to our world-class leadership development content in a flexible, self-paced format that is available when and where its needed. Topics include Belonging & Inclusion in Leadership, Inspiration from the One Minute Manager, Situational Approach to Leadership, Managing Change at Work, and many more. Whether it’s to create continuity from virtual or classroom training, easily find on-demand learning, or curate content to support an event, Blanchard on OpenSesame makes it seamless for employees to find, access, and consume the world’s leading leadership development content within their existing learning technology ecosystem.

Cloverleaf Logo


Blanchard has partnered with Cloverleaf, an automated coaching technology designed to bring out the best in workers and teams. By combining Blanchard’s coaching methodology for individuals, teams, groups, and executives with Cloverleaf’s insights on assessments, targeted resources, and daily coaching, people are more likely to achieve their goals. Integrating coaching into our leadership development programs helps learners keep momentum, reinforces new skills to become habits, and supports teams as they develop along the continuum to high performance. A curated selection of our articles, blogs, podcasts, and research is now available to users as part of the Resources Feed within the Cloverleaf platform.

Mindtickle Logo


Blanchard has partnered with Mindtickle, the leader in sales readiness technology. With this partnership, sales leaders and their teams can develop the skillset, mindset, and toolset to build meaningful relationships, be agile and adaptive, and drive exponential impact. Together, Mindtickle and Blanchard use Mindtickle’s data-driven sales readiness platform to deliver learning and leadership skill development journeys for sales managers and sales professionals through proven content and practical exercises that are easy to learn, remember, and use, and can be applied immediately. Relevant content and exercises are delivered when needed according to the individual’s assessed baseline of skill and knowledge. To ensure sustained learning and knowledge application, customers will benefit from reinforced spaced learning, with built-in options for coaching, gamification, and video role-play missions that enhance skill building.

Embedded technology partners

We embed unique technology solutions within our platforms to provide exceptionally engaging learning experiences.

Circl.es Logo


Blanchard has partnered with Circl.es to offer differentiated virtual and inclusive experiences using The Circl.es System™. These unique settings and features take small groups out of the day-to-day and into intentional dialogue about their most important issues and challenges. Online sessions must be engaging and memorable if they are to be transformative. Circl.es enhances the interactivity of our comprehensive suite of digital offerings, enabling learners to make the most of each experience. We use the power of Circl.es for group coaching experiences, team acceleration, and small-group peer-learning programs. Once these Circles gel, they continuously meet to apply and practice, engaging over months instead of days. We also offer curated meeting templates that can easily be scaled across organizations that bring Circl.es to their organizations.

Coaching.com Logo


Blanchard uses the coaching.com platform as its all-in-one location for our coaching initiatives. Participants can schedule sessions, view and download resources, update goals, join a video session, use the chat function, and respond to forms. Initiative leaders can keep an eye on progress across all employee engagements. Learners and program leaders can view coach bios and track engagement details, including progress, goals, milestones, feedback, documents, and more.

Credentialing technology partners

Our digital credentialing partner empowers us to create, manage, and monitor all aspects of our badging program.

Credly Logo


Blanchard offers digital credentialing for several Blanchard programs and courses through Credly. The Credly platform offers digital credentialing services, which allow individuals to earn and manage verified digital badges that certify their skills and achievements. Using digital badges makes it easier to share and showcase accomplishments on social media and professional networks, helping individuals build their personal brand and attract new opportunities. In addition, Credly can customize Blanchard badges for specific organizations.