Fearless Innovation™ Training Program

Harness the power of innovation, no matter your role

Innovation is critical to success, yet most organizations struggle to achieve high levels of innovation and change. Companies talk about innovation or pursue it through relatively small, specialized teams. Yet the most progress is achieved when every employee becomes more innovative—unleashing the benefits of incremental improvements.

Blanchard’s Fearless Innovation explores the idea that each individual—armed with the principles of innovation—could be a catalyst for positive change. It teaches an innovation mindset and skill set that empowers everyone to be innovators.

eBook: The Factors That Encourage and That Discourage Innovation in Organizations

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Fearless Innovation Model Diagram

Adopt a powerfully simple model to unlock innovation

There has never been more pressure on organizations to evolve. Yet, less than 20% of our research respondents can experiment without being penalized for mistakes. Further, most innovation frameworks focus on executives and product designers. There’s very little support to help most of us become more innovative in our daily work lives.

Fearless Innovation provides an easy-to-understand model that immediately empowers everyone in your organization to begin innovating. It starts with teaching the three mindsets needed to innovate:

  • Grace: The courage to accept imperfection
  • Curiosity: The courage to wonder and wander
  • Proactivity: The courage to act and disrupt

The program then teaches a four-step process to identify meaningful challenges that innovation can improve, generate ideas, experiment with an idea to test its merit, and launch it into the workplace.

Delivery Option

We can deliver the Fearless Innovation course as five one-hour virtual sessions with intersession assignments, so your people learn how to feel more confident innovating and more engaged with their work.

Virtual Instructor-led Course 

Fearless Innovation is a virtual, instructor-led course that unfolds over five one-hour sessions. The virtual sessions offer learners a highly engaging experience that includes instruction, responses, reflection, group activities, and opportunities to practice new skills in a safe setting. The program also allows learners to share stories and best practices as they work through a real-life innovation project.

PREWORK/LAUNCH: Welcome to Fearless Innovation™. Discover a mindset and four-step process that will help you envision, try out, and launch innovative solutions in your world. Participants get ready to:

  • Challenge how you view innovation
  • Ignite creativity by expanding your mindset
  • Find ways to experiment at a micro level
  • Believe that innovation can happen in your domain, because you are the expert and the one who can create value


Session 1: Learn and practice the mindset of Fearless Innovation: Grace, Curiosity, Proactivity

Session 2: Discover the Fearless Innovation process, beginning with the Scan phase.

Session 3: Begin the Ideate phase of Fearless Innovation.

Session 4: Explore the Experiment phase of Fearless Innovation.

Session 5: Discover the Launch phase of Fearless Innovation, and discuss the leadership characteristics that foster a culture of innovation.

POST WORK/APPLY: Reinforce course learnings with online tools to help remember and apply the key concepts of Fearless Innovation.

Innovative ideas can come from anywhere—are you asking for them?

84% of CEOs said their success heavily depends on their ability to innovate.1

Yet only 52% of workers contribute new and innovative ideas to their team. 2

1. Accenture, Three Years Later, U.S. Companies Continue to Struggle With Innovation, Accenture Survey Reveals.

2. PwC, PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023.

Adopt a Fearless Mindset To Drive Innovation Efforts

When you encourage innovation across your entire organization, your people become your competitive advantage. 

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Boost Agility

Organizations evolve more quickly and respond more nimbly to market changes.
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Improve Problem-Solving

Teams tackle their most pressing challenges head-on.

Increase Engagement

Employees feel more successful, engaged, and connected to the organization.

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