Digital Badging and Credentialing

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Celebrate your leaders’ accomplishments with badging

As many companies move towards a skills-based approach to work, individuals and organizations alike have turned to digital badging to quantify skill sets and competencies. Digital credentials allow learners to demonstrate their leadership acumen and publicly demonstrate their ongoing professional growth. Your leaders can share their digital credentials on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to showcase their learning journeys, which can help them build a network of similarly motivated professionals. By adding digital credentialing to your learning initiative, facilitators, coaches, and organizations can demonstrate their commitment to employee professional development—and have the validation of this tangible measure of the program’s success.

Digital Credentialing For Everyone

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Earn credentials for the courses you’re qualified to deliver and demonstrate the breadth of your Blanchard content knowledge.
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Enhance your personal branding and coaching credentials with Blanchard’s Certified Coaching Badge.
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Individual Learners

Showcase your expanded skillset and enhance your professional branding to increase your career opportunities.
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How digital badging increases the visibility of your company’s values

Your high-potential employees constantly strive to improve their skills—with an eye on developing transferable skills that will future-proof their careers. That’s why we’ve partnered with Credly, the largest digital credentialing platform. Credly has set the industry standard for digital credentialing, creating a user-friendly platform integrated with numerous leading learning management systems, making it easy to incorporate into your existing learning programs. Including digital credentialing or badging as part of your Blanchard leadership development program helps you motivate learners, demonstrate the value of leadership training to employees, and increase public visibility and recognition of your company’s leadership strength.

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Encourage learners to collect all digital badges

Public recognition is a powerful motivator. When leaders complete our globally recognized courses, like SLII®, they earn a digital badge that shows their leadership skills and moves with them into their next role. This visual recognition of their learning journey and documented skill sets encourages learners to commit to participating and engaging in your leadership development program. Digital badging also has the potential to inspire learners to pursue additional training opportunities. Through the Credly platform, learners can see the adjacent skills other people with their credentials have attained, and the recommended tracks within your leadership development program they may want to complete next.

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Inspire and recognize with digital credentials from Blanchard

Make your organization’s investment in creating an inclusive and inspiring culture more visible inside the organization and out—incorporate digital certification from Blanchard in your learning program.