Custom Solutions by Blanchard Design Studio

Blanchard Design Studio unlocks performance with high-touch, expertly customized solutions

No one can replicate your company’s unique culture and shared values structure. So, shouldn’t your leadership training reflect that context? 

The Blanchard Design Studio—a team of industry-leading solutions architects and consultants with decades of experience—will help you develop leaders that can step confidently into the work of today and tomorrow.

Whether you’re looking for a highly customized leadership development journey for mid-level leaders, a transformative executive development experience that will change the thinking and trajectory of your top leaders, or a personalized coaching engagement that will unleash every leader’s potential, we’ve got you covered.

Just looking to crowdsource industry-leading thinking before you plan a major leadership development initiative? Consider joining our experts for an upcoming Collaborative Jam Session to get the intel you need to move forward. Regardless of your requirement, the Blanchard Design Studio will help you create an experience that will maximize investment and your people’s potential.

Human centric approach, human centric solutions

Our Blanchard Design Studio uses design thinking principles as the foundation for every custom leadership development program. We help you understand your learners’ needs and how they learn best to build a solution that fits easily into their lives and work.

Define the Solution
We start with dynamic Collaborative Design Sessions, a series of co-creation sessions to develop a rapid prototype of your solution to gain consensus on what the experience will look and feel like.

Design and Develop
Our Learning and Coaching Solutions Architects build high-level designs and develop program materials.

Pilot and Finalize
A small-scale pilot and revision cycle ensures the experiences achieve objectives.

Implement and Embed
We launch the solution to your broader organization. If desired, your team can facilitate the programs once your designated facilitators have completed their training for trainers course.

Measure and Refine
Using Blanchard’s evaluation techniques, we will collect measurement data, analyze it, and show the program's impact.

Take a tailored approach to your leadership development program

When learning is relevant to a leader’s role, challenges, and career goals, they are more engaged and can better apply what they’ve learned.