Moderation & Community Management

Engage and motivate every online learner

It’s not always easy for learners to stay accountable and motivated when trying to squeeze online professional development into their day. But, even when people understand how important it is to build their leadership skills to become an inspiring manager, having a dedicated moderator and community manager goes a long way to keeping learners engaged and progressing through their course with valuable peer-to-peer interactions.

Lessen Isolation

Create connection and community among learners, providing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and support.

Provide Accountability

Set expectations and provide learners with regular feedback on progress and performance.

Foster Engagement

One-on-one interaction that encourages learners to engage throughout the course.

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Human-powered connection that drives learner engagement

At Blanchard, we use a two-person approach for every collaborative online course, with a facilitator and a moderator dedicated to each course community. Moderators get conversations going between learners about the course content and tag facilitators too, when the discussion merits it. Further, as participants post comments and share stories, we share that with the facilitator, who works it into the live sessions—creating a more relevant and authentic experience for everyone. This intentional cultivation of community gives each learner a sense of belonging and accountability that solo learners need to stay focused.

A Whole-Person Approach To Learning

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Fostering Inclusion

Our community moderation professionals ensure everyone in the room feels seen, heard, valued, and supported on their leadership development journey.
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Keep Learners on Track

Our learning experience specialists keep participants moving through the learning process to ensure a more engaging learning experience for your learners.
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Peer-to-Peer Engagement

Learners are part of an engaged learning cohort and get to know and learn from the other people in the virtual room.
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Don’t leave your leadership development learning outcomes to chance

An effective and engaging leadership development journey takes more than just meeting in a classroom once per week and then turning in homework. At Blanchard, we understand what it takes to engage your learners every step of the way. So get in touch and learn more about how our expert moderators and community managers will help you provide your people with their most rewarding learning experiences.