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Blanchard Terms and Conditions

General Purchase Terms

Blanchard’s General Purchase Terms are found here.

Below are Blanchard’s Online Subscription Terms, Trainer Terms, and terms related to Blanchard intellectual property and its usage.

Online Subscription Terms

These terms apply when Client has purchased online courses and/or products, which may include assessments and/or other learning aids, made available through various web-based platforms (“Subscription(s)”).

Assignment by Administrator

The administrator has eighteen (18) months from the date the order for the Subscriptions is placed (this is deemed the date of purchase) to assign Subscriptions to each Client end-user (“User(s)”).

Access by User

Each User has twelve (12) months from the date they were assigned the Subscription to use it. Subscriptions automatically expire twelve (12) months after the date of assignment, regardless of use.


Failure to assign and/or use Subscriptions within the applicable time frames results in forfeiture. Refunds are not available for expired and/or forfeited Subscriptions. Subscriptions are nontransferable and cannot be shared and/or used by more than one User. It is Client’s responsibility to know the status of available Subscriptions and the applicable expiration date(s).

Tech Check

In order to confirm Client’s computer system meets the technical requirements to access Subscriptions, Client will be asked to review and agree to Blanchard’s standard technical requirements (“Tech Check”). The Tech Check will be conducted by Blanchard at no cost to Client.


“Administration” means sending out email invitations to Users, managing content distribution, managing classes/logistics, and providing basic technical support. For Subscriptions ordered by Client that are administered by Blanchard, Client will be charged a per-user administration fee unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties. Clients who elect to do their own administration will not be charged an administration fee and are responsible for the management of Users and accounting for Subscriptions. Blanchard will provide sufficient information and training, such as a one-hour training call/web conference, to enable the Client administrator to perform the administration tasks satisfactorily.

Accessibility of Subscriptions/Content Updates

Blanchard will use commercially reasonable efforts to have the Subscriptions accessible at all times, except for (i) planned downtime, which, to the extent practicable, will occur between Friday at 10PM PST/PDT and Monday at 6AM PST/PDT, and/or (ii) unavailability caused by a Force Majeure. Users will have access to content updates during the term of the Subscription.

Technical Support

The Technical Services Helpdesk is available for (i) email requests/inquiries at https://support.blanchard.com, Monday through Friday, 4AM–8PM EST/EDT (9AM–1AM BST/GMT), and (ii) telephone requests/inquiries, Monday through Friday, 7AM–8PM EST/EDT (except for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, where the available hours are 9AM–5PM BST/GMT) at 888-898-2667 (US and Canada); +1-760-839-8152 (International); +44(0)1483443489 (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).

When Client has purchased an online assessment, the following terms also apply:

Confidentiality of Assessment Data

The Parties agree that assessments and resulting feedback reports (“Assessment Data”) will be used solely for Users’ developmental purposes. Assessment Data is to remain confidential to Users and/or raters (“Rater(s)”) selected by Users to participate in the assessment. This means that unless Users and/or Raters provide consent, other Client personnel are expected to maintain this privacy and not provide summaries and/or copies of the Assessment Data to others in such a way that confidentiality is compromised. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Assessment Data can be aggregated if there are three or more Raters and, upon request, may be provided to authorized Client personnel.


Trainer Terms

These terms apply to Client personnel (“Trainers”) who teach (“Facilitate”) a Blanchard program within their organization.


Client Obligations

  • Pay for the Trainer’s attendance at a Training for Trainers session (“T4T”) of the Blanchard program requiring Qualification. Qualification may not be transferred to another Trainer
  • Purchase one set of the required facilitation materials (“Trainer Materials”) for each Trainer
  • Purchase one set of participant materials (“Participant Materials”) for each Client participant attending a session of the Blanchard program
  • Use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the Trainers adhere to the curriculum/training design set forth in the Trainer Materials and, if Qualification is required, the training provided during the T4T (modifications to Trainer Materials and Participant Materials are not allowed without Blanchard’s prior written consent)
  • Use commercially reasonable practices to ensure each Trainer is provided notice of and adheres to the Trainer obligations below
  • Provide Blanchard the opportunity to observe sessions Facilitated by the Trainers, including reviewing Trainers’ copy of Trainer Materials and/or any other materials used by the Trainers when Facilitating the Blanchard program. Blanchard will provide Client with written notice prior to scheduling observations and reviews


Trainer Obligations

  • Complete launch (prework) assignments prior to attending the T4T if the Blanchard program requires Qualification
  • Attend the T4T of the Blanchard program if the program requires Qualification
  • Use the applicable Trainer Materials when Facilitating the Blanchard program
  • Facilitate the Blanchard program to Client personnel only
  • Adhere to the curriculum/training design set forth in the Trainer Materials and, if Qualification is required, the training provided during the T4T
  • Provide Blanchard the opportunity to observe sessions Facilitated thereby, including reviewing Trainer Materials and/or any other materials used when Facilitating the Blanchard program. Blanchard will provide Client with written notice prior to scheduling observations and reviews
  • When no longer working for and/or otherwise engaged with Client, Trainer must: (1) return the Trainer Materials to Client unless otherwise agreed to by Client; and (2) stop Facilitating the Blanchard program to any person and/or entity outside Client’s organization unless otherwise agreed to by Blanchard


Blanchard Intellectual Property

This website and the information found herein is protected by United States Copyright Law and by various International Treaties, and should therefore be seen as the proprietary intellectual property of Blanchard. The duplication or reproduction in whole or in part of this website, including but not limited to text, images, audio, and/or video, without the written permission of Blanchard is strictly prohibited.

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