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Co-create meaningful organizational change

Most change initiatives fail, and for similar reasons: 80% of companies use a top-down, minimal-involvement approach that ignores the concerns of the affected people. (1)

Leading People Through Change® instead approaches change as an opportunity for high-involvement, collaborative leadership that invites all parties into the change process. This inclusive approach draws on research on leading organizational change and our 30 years of experience in the field. 

Recent research shows that a high-involvement approach that uses dialogue between change leaders and employees can increase change success by 34% to 58%, decrease implementation time by 33%, and increase employee engagement by 38%.1

1. Gartner, Changing Change Management.

Leading through change

Leading through change requires open communication to drive commitment at all levels

Change in organizations is often disruptive. But we know how to get you from where you are to where you need to be. 

Leading People Through Change teaches leaders throughout your organization how to lead successful change initiatives. Leaders learn how to identify and address employees’ predictable questions and resolve their concerns around change in the workplace to increase their buy-in and commitment. 

We created Leading People Through Change based on our 30 years of change leadership consulting experience. The course also builds upon academic research that finds that people are less resistant to change when they have opportunities to share their concerns and receive the appropriate leadership. 

Delivery Options to Meet Your Needs

Deliver Leading People Through Change in person, as virtual sessions, as part of a learning journey, or in a self-directed online version, so your leaders can learn how to lead change effectively wherever they are and whenever they have time.

1 Day Instructor-led Course  

Leading People Through Change can be delivered as a one-day course. This program teaches your leaders how to identify and address stages of concern that employees go through when asked to change and how to use the appropriate change strategy and corresponding behaviors to address that concern. This high-involvement approach decreases the feeling of being controlled and builds momentum for change. 

Prework: LAUNCH — Engaging prework assignments, including an assessment, that explain key concepts

Day 1: FRAME — Activities that introduce the Stages of Concern. Explore Information, Personal, and Implementation Concerns. 

Day 1: BUILD — Activities based on personal work challenges that develop new skills and introduce the components of a Gap Statement. Share and discuss the sample Gap Statement. 

Day 1: STRENGTHEN — Introduces the third leadership strategy: Strengthen. Discuss outcomes and conduct paired discussions about Strengthen leader actions. 

Day 1: ENTRUST — Introduces the fourth leadership strategy: Entrust. Describe and discuss outcomes. 

Virtual Instructor-led Course 

The Leading People Through Change course can be delivered as four 90- to 120-minute sessions to an intact team working on a specific change initiative, or in an open enrollment format to build change leadership capability across your organization. 

  • Virtual sessions 1 and 2 teach the skills and language to implement concerns and how to share/discuss the Gap Statement 
  • In virtual sessions 3 and 4, participants conduct paired discussions about Strengthen Leadership Strategy and outcomes  
  • Participants receive a set of online tools to aid in sustaining the content and using it with others 

The Leading People Through Change curriculum offers a 35-minnute fully asynchronous Overview that allow learners to form new skills. Participants work their way through engaging activities, including videos, interactive exercises, case studies, and quizzes. 

Online Overview Solution 

The Leading People Through Change Online Overview is a 35-minute course that teaches essential skills like identifying and addressing employees’ predictable questions and resolving their concerns to increase their buy-in and commitment. Practice opportunities follow content, ensuring participants learn the concepts.   

  • Micro-activities: Organized into bite-sized pieces, ranging from one to five minutes 
  • Leadership Tendencies Tool: Allows participants to discover their natural strengths and opportunities for growth 
  • Interactive Exercises: Fun, engaging activities include videos, games, stories, case studies, and online discussions 
  • Manager-Led Debriefs: Optional manager-led debriefs for collaboration and discussion in a blended learning experience 

Digital Assets  

Set of micro-activities, including videos, interactions, and worksheets, that learners can access in moments of need to support ongoing learning, performance support, reinforcement, and custom learning journeys. 

co-workers in a conversation

Understanding how to lead your organization through change is critical to your organization’s future success

70% of all change initiatives fail.2  Failed or stalled change initiatives waste time and money, lower productivity and engagement, and increase employee turnover.

2. Harvard Business Review, Cracking the Code of Change.

Learn A Proven Approach To Leading People Through Organizational Change

The most successful companies stay ahead of the competition by making change a part of their corporate culture. Leaders who know how to lead organizational change proactively surface and address employees’ concerns and involve them throughout the process, which moves the entire organization forward. 

Increase Buy-In and Resilience

Increase Buy-In and Resilience

Leaders who can uncover, diagnose, and address their people’s predictable concerns reduce resistance and increase commitment to the change. 
Get Results Faster

Get Results Faster

Organizational change initiatives that are led effectively are supported by employees and realize results faster.
Build Change Leadership Capability

Build Change Leadership Capability

Successful companies champion the capacity to change as part of their culture and become more resilient and agile.

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