Learning Reinforcement & Sustainment

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Learning doesn’t stop when the formal learning ends

Research has shown that we forget an average of 50% of what we learn within 24 hours if we don’t use or practice it. That’s why providing your learners with learning and training reinforcement and sustainment activities is critical as part of your learning programs. By incorporating knowledge sustainment and reinforcement strategies into your leadership development initiatives, you increase learner knowledge retention and motivate learners to implement the training.

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Learning designed to maximize retention

At Blanchard, our learning experiences are designed intentionally to create lasting behavior change. Our live training engages participants through rich practice in which they work on their actual tasks and challenges and plan real conversations.

Our online programs include live debrief sessions that you can infuse into your learning experiences that a Blanchard expert or one of your leaders can facilitate. Presented between learning modules, debriefs bring peers together to discuss learnings, share success stories, and practice and reinforce new skills. Social learning activities like this—where people learn with and from each other—are highly effective in sustaining and supporting training and learning.

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Post-learning session tools

Our digital learning solutions include various post-learning tools that help learners turn course content into sustained workplace behaviors. We start by creating playlists learners can access after completing the course—to put the frameworks and tools introduced during their learning experiences into their hands quickly in times of need. Whether it’s talking points for having a difficult conversation or a video refresher on a core leadership capability, we make it easy for your people to self-serve the right content at the right time to support their growth as a leader.

An Uncommon Approach To Leadership Training

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Curated Content

Our leadership experts have compiled and curated podcasts, webinars, white papers, videos, and blog posts across the spectrum of leadership topics to make it easy for your people to refresh their learning in the way that works best for them.
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We re-envision our course content into bite-size microlearning assets—videos, activities, and downloadable tools—that allow learners to quickly get the support they need in a critical area whenever needed.
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Through our innovative technology, experience, and partnerships, we create tools that give learners opportunities to practice what they’ve learned and optimize their learning experience.
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Kenbot™ for SLII®

Our chatbot helps learners apply and master leadership skills taught in SLII by providing quick access to common questions. It extends and reinforces key content by linking to videos, worksheets, tools, and assessments, and by pushing reminders on critical tasks. Kenbot for SLII® uses AI to run on any mobile device that supports SMS/text messages, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Salesforce, WeChat, and other platforms.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Key Task Reminders
  • Connecting with Peers
  • FAQ Answers
  • Links to Resources
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VR simulations

VR simulations give learners an immersive and interactive experience that can increase learning engagement and retention. Blanchard’s Building Trust VR Simulation allows individuals to turn their knowledge into skills by practicing in life-like conversations with a virtual human in an immersive environment. Learners get real-time feedback on their performance which helps identify areas for improvement and refine their skills. Using the simulation, learners can gain the confidence to build and restore trust in a risk-free environment.

  • Immersive Learning
  • Increased Engagement
  • Safe Environment
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Practice Skills
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The SLII App allows managers who have completed SLII training to diagnose the leadership needs for a specific task quickly, and then access conversation guides, giving them the confidence to talk with team members. The app is a quick go-to reference tool to help leaders improve relationships and performance by applying SLII teachings to the real world. Leaders can access a diagnosis wizard to diagnose an individual’s development level on essential goals or tasks, tips for implementing SLII’s principles, and an interactive model with the key characteristics of each development level and matching leadership style.

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Invest in training that empowers sustained benefits, by design

After implementing your learning initiative, how do you reinforce the learnings and make it easy for people to access resources in their moment of need? At Blanchard, we’ve spent the last 40 years developing an industry-leading sustainment and reinforcement approach that ensures your leaders have the support they need to translate our coursework into workplace actions every day.