Our Innovation Lab

Driven by curiosity, led by research

Innovation is nothing new. Humans have been innovating as long as they’ve been around, and we’ve benefitted from those researched, practiced, and intentional discoveries and inventions. We’ve also been the beneficiaries of happy accidents that have resulted in things like chocolate chip cookies, Scotchgard, the microwave oven, Play-Doh, Post-it notes, penicillin, and more. But even those fortuitous discoveries required the presence of mind and curiosity to investigate the unexpected outcomes.

In the Blanchard Innovation Lab, we strive to proactively address the leadership needs of organizations and the workforce in a rapidly changing world. We are tinkerers who carve out space for intentional research, strategy, and discovery, and those sometimes-unintended results that manifest themselves when we lay the groundwork for ideas and innovation to flourish. We put our best minds, tools, and research to work to remain on the leading edge of leadership development to meet the workplace’s evolving needs.

How We Think Of Innovation

Leadership Development is for Everyone

We ensure our solutions are accessible to everyone who needs them and are inclusive of the different ways we approach the world.

No Bright, Shiny Objects

Platforms, modalities, and the digital landscape are always in flux. Innovation is less about a must-have platform and more about using the best tools you have to inspire and engage your learners.

We Are Storytellers

We are data driven and research oriented. But we also know the power of pairing those qualities with stories that voice our challenges, successes, and new ideas.

Why Learning Journeys Deliver Results

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Scalable Experiences

They deliver engaging, real-time learning at scale
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They are a space for passionate leaders to form meaningful connections
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Mobile-First Learning

They give anyone with a smartphone the opportunity to become an unstoppable force for the greatest good
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Democratizing Leadership Development

They give small businesses meaningful development opportunities
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Extended Reality

They use the metaverse to help leaders grow

What makes our way of working unique?

Innovators usually innovate based on one of three things: a gap that needs to be filled, a desire to make something work better or more efficiently, or a whim driven by curiosity, play, and enjoyment. In the Innovation Lab, we try to reflect all three of these prompts in our work. 

We have fun while we work.

Learner needs and expectations have changed dramatically in the last few years, as have the methods of reaching them. No matter what we do, we strive to find joy in the process. 

We stay open to possibilities.

Tapping into unconventional methods and motivation is what innovation is about. We can take work and learning seriously, without sacrificing the very things—humor, connection, play—that make us human. 

We keep learners at the center.

What makes learners excited? How do they like to learn? What needs do they have that aren’t being filled? We aren’t afraid to ask questions, try on solutions, and pivot if we need to. 

Get involved! Join Blanchard Innovation’s research panel.

Our research panel is made up of people with a common goal of helping to make our products and services epic. We invite panel members via email to participate in research opportunities as they become available. Each study is different, but they typically consist of a survey, an interview, or a usability session.

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