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Team leadership training to power high-performance teams

Teamwork may make the dream work, but it takes more for a team to succeed than grouping people together in an org chart. Often, teams don’t accomplish their goals due to a lack of shared purpose, unclear goals and roles, a lack of mutual accountability, and ineffective leadership. Our Team Leadership training course teaches managers to diagnose their team's development and apply the right leadership style to build and sustain high-performance teams.

By teaching managers these leadership skills, you can significantly improve your teams' ability to execute on projects, grow the business, and develop agility that allows them to adapt to whatever arises.

Team Leadership Model

Invest in team leader training and tap into every team’s potential

We know you want your teams to work together across your organization effectively. Our leadership and team manager training course can help your organization build high-performance teams.

Team Leadership is a skills-based course designed to give your team leaders the process, tools, and leadership skills they need to empower team members, improve productivity, and increase the success of your team initiatives.

Based on years of research that analyzes the nature of great teams, Blanchard’s team leader training course teaches your managers the predictable stages of team development and the team leadership styles needed to move them forward quickly and successfully.

Delivery Options to Meet Your Needs

We can deliver Team Leadership in-person, as virtual sessions, as part of a learning journey, or delivered in a self-directed online or moderated online version, so your leaders can learn how to optimize their team’s performance wherever they are and whenever they have time.

1 Day Instructor-led Course  

The Team Leadership course can be delivered as in-person one-day experience designs. The course features engaging materials, videos, and activities that teach participants Team Performance Mindset, Diagnosing Team Needs, and Team Leadership Behaviors.

Prework: LAUNCH — Engaging prework assignments, including an assessment, that explain key Team Leadership concepts  

Day 1 LEARN — Learn the Team Leadership Mindset and Skillset  

Day 1 PRACTICE — Practice mindset and skillset through interactive assignments  

Day 1 Apply — Reintroduces and summarizes the high-performance team road map. Introduces the action plan 

Post Work: APPLY — Revisit the learning portal and access tools, including the Teams Assessment multi-rater Report, Teams Assessment Interpretation Guide Team, and Charter Worksheets. 

Virtual Instructor-led Course 

The Team Leadership virtual course is presented in three two-hour sessions. The virtual sessions offer learners an engaging experience that includes instruction, group activities, and opportunities to practice new skills. 

  • Virtual Session 1 prepares you to learn the Team Leadership Mindset and Skillset
  • Virtual Sessions 2 and 3 teach the skills and mindset to diagnose their team’s stage of development and act in a way that contributes to its performance.
  • Participants receive a set of online tools to aid in mastering the content and using it with others

We have two online solutions—Team Leadership Online Overview and Teaming and Collaboration Online Overview — that cover the course’s core content and most important ideas for different audiences.

Team Leadership Online Overview

Online Overview is for team leaders and focuses on leadership behaviors. This 35-minute online overview contains one- to five-minute micro-learning videos, interactions, and tools. This content is ideal for learners who need browsable tips and bits of knowledge for just-in-time help for moments of need.

Teaming and Collaboration Online Overview

Teaming and Collaboration Online Overview is for the team members, and focuses on team interactions. Experienced as a 35-minute online overview with one- to five-minute micro-learning videos, interactions, and tools. These flexible assets can be used to refresh or reinforce the content. 

Digital Assets

Set of micro-activities, including videos, interactions, and worksheets, that learners can access in moments of need to support ongoing learning, performance support, reinforcement, and custom learning journeys.

Team leadership is critical, so why is it often left to chance?

71% of senior managers said meetings are unproductive and inefficient.1

New managers hold 29% more meetings than their experienced peers.2

1. Harvard Business Review, Stop the Meeting Madness.
2. Harvard Business Review, Dear Manager, You’re Holding Too Many Meetings.

​Drive Team Outcomes With Team Leadership Training

High-performance teams allow your organization to bring together its members’ multiple skills, strengths, and experiences to solve complex organizational problems, execute more quickly, make better decisions, enhance creativity, and produce consistently superior results. Blanchard's team leadership and team building training course will teach team managers the skills they need to improve their teams’ collaboration, innovation, and effectiveness.

Improve Collaboration

Improve Collaboration

High-performance teams bring together complementary skills, strengths, and experience that exceed the abilities of any single member. 
Achieve Superior Results

Achieve Superior Results

Effective teams are empowered and accountable—they consistently execute strategy, meet goals, and deliver superior results. 
Increase Innovation icon

Increase Innovation

Working together, team members share their ideas, talent, and viewpoints to solve problems creatively and develop innovative solutions. 
​Make High-Performance the Norm

​Make High-Performance the Norm

Team members who have been part of a cohesive, winning team spread the skills and benefits of high performance across your organization. 

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