Adapting to Change in the Workplace

Empower your people to lean into change

Change—and how individuals respond to it—can be a significant cause of stress, leading to decreased personal well-being and workplace productivity. But without change, businesses can't innovate, grow, or evolve. To confidently address the increasing pace of technological and societal change, it's critical everyone in your organization gains the skills they need to navigate change successfully.

Blanchard's Adapting to Change online course helps your people improve their ability to adapt to change, starting with how to practice mindfulness. By teaching people to sense their physical and emotional responses to change, they can pause to accept that response, then move forward intentionally. This acknowledgment enables people to tell themselves a different story about their ability to move toward change. The course builds upon this foundation of mindfulness to show learners how to harness their curiosity, courage, and resilience to adopt change.

Adapting to Change Model

Hone four essential traits that make adapting to change easier

In this 35-minute online course, learners will engage with assignments, participant materials, videos, learning activities, and knowledge checks designed to enhance four key change adoption elements:

  • Mindfulness: Recognize emotional and physical reactions to change and reframe them in the moment to better respond to change
  • Curiosity: Seek information about a change to understand it better, reduce the fear of the unknown, and look for opportunities the change enables
  • Courage: Speak up, share ideas and concerns, and ask for the support you need to navigate the change
  • Resilience: Acknowledge your strengths and past successes dealing with change and focus your energy on just those things you can control

Turn Change Into A Welcomed Opportunity In Your Organization

Workplace change doesn’t have to be viewed as a source of stress and discomfort. With Adapting to Change, you can reframe people’s attitudes towards change in the workplace to turn changes big and small into opportunities for career growth.

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Build Organizational Agility

Increase flexibility and innovation by positioning change as an opportunity to improve the status quo.
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Support Career Growth

Show people how change provides the ability to gain new learning and skill-building opportunities.
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Improve Change Effectiveness

Improve change adoption and its resulting effectiveness throughout your organization.
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Engage Your People

Replace change-averse reactions and their adverse company culture effects with increased openness and flexibility.

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Give your people a proven formula to adapt to change with Blanchard’s Adapting to Change online course.

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