Communication Essentials

Great leadership starts with mastering the essentials of business communication

An engaged and productive workforce starts with a foundation of trust, built on clear and open communication. Without it, miscommunication becomes the norm, collaboration breaks down, and companies ultimately falter. To ensure your leaders create an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued, prepare them with a comprehensive overview of the essential communication skills they need for their teams to succeed.

Blanchard’s Communication Essentials online course teaches your people how to really listen to others, ask thoughtful and open questions, stay positive, and share constructive feedback productively. With this valuable framework in hand, you’ll empower your leaders to unlock their and their teams’ potential.

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Essential communication skills needed to manage people and performance

This accelerated online course helps participants at all levels learn how to:

  • Listen with the intent of being influenced
  • Ask questions that draw out insights and ideas from the other person
  • Share relevant and candid information and context
  • Express confidence to build self-assurance and enthusiasm

Accelerate Your Leadership Growth With Essential Communication Strategies

Effective communication is essential at every stage of a leader’s career. Invest 20 minutes in this course to learn a lifelong framework for having high-quality and productive conversations to enhance your daily work. 

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Enhance Employee Engagement

Enhance listening capabilities and create a culture of open communication and collaboration.
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Bolster Team Productivity

Align team members around shared goals and clear objectives.
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Improve Interpersonal Effectiveness

Foster collaboration and build trust among peers and direct reports by creating meaningful connections.

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