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Define a leadership perspective that inspires your people

Today’s leaders balance relationships and results under great pressure, making difficult decisions every day. When leaders are clear about their leadership values and principles, they can more easily make tough trade-offs and lead their people intentionally and authentically. And when leaders share their values and motivators with their people, they inspire engagement, trust, and respect.  

Blanchard’s Leadership Point of View is an immersive experience that helps leaders uncover their values, write their leadership stories, and create trusting relationships with their people.

The best leaders know what they stand for—and how to share that with others

The best leaders know what they stand for—and how to share that with others

Leadership Point of View (LPOV) takes leaders on a journey of self-discovery. Along the way, they identify formative experiences that shaped how they lead. Blanchard coaches and learning partners assist them in writing a compelling narrative that turns these pivotal events into a leadership story. Leaders then share their journey with their colleagues and team members. 

Sharing an LPOV is a deeply personal experience that wins the hearts of listeners. People gain a new perspective of their leader, a better understanding of their leader's motivations, and a renewed commitment to work.  

Delivery Options to Meet Your Needs 

We can deliver Leadership Point of View in person, as virtual sessions, or as self-directed online learning with live moderated sessions, so your managers can discover their leadership perspectives wherever they are and whenever they have time.

2 Half-Day Instructor-led Course  

The Leadership Point of View in-person experience is two half-day sessions, ideally spaced two to five days apart, followed by a peer and facilitator coaching call. Use this delivery process to coach a group of leaders within an organization to create their own LPOV and get feedback from their facilitator and peers before sharing it with their manager and work group. 

Prework: LAUNCH — Engaging prework assignments that explain key LPOV concepts in preparation for the cohort learning experience.     

Day 1: LEARN and PRACTICE — Outlines the purpose and value of a Leadership Point of View. Participants experience an LPOV presentation from a senior leader. They then take steps to craft a LPOV through exploration of key people and events. Participants reflect on and identify their expectations for themselves and others, then work with a partner to determine ways to demonstrate each value in action through sharing of life stories with a learning partner.  

Day 2:  LEARN and PRACTICE — Participants explore what has become clear by creating their LPOV. Participants share a draft presentation and receive feedback and peer coaching in triad groups. The day ends with tips for finalizing their written LPOV and sharing it with others.   

Post Work: Triad Coaching Call — Required follow-up call with, ideally, three peers and the LPOV facilitator/coach, conducted two to three weeks after the cohort sessions, which allows each participant an opportunity to practice their Leadership Point of View presentation and receive feedback from the peer group. 

Virtual Instructor-led Course

The LPOV live virtual course is a facilitated learning experience of three 2-hour sessions followed by a peer and facilitator coaching call. 

Prework: LAUNCH — Engaging prework assignments that explain key LPOV concepts

Session 1:  

  • Leadership Point of View Presentation — Outlines the purpose of LPOV. Allows participants to experience an LPOV presentation given by a senior leader. 
  • Key People and Events — Provides an initial exploration of key people and events through sharing a life story timeline with a learning partner and outlining their story.  
  • Values — Guides participants in identifying values and descriptors.  

Session 2 

  • Key People and Events — Allows participants to share their key people and events story and then receive feedback from a learning partner.  
  • Values — Recaps the work participants have done on their values. Makes the connection from key people and key events to leadership values. 
  • Expectations for Self and Others — Explores line-of-sight connections between key people and events, values, and expectations for self and others.  
  • Leadership Point of View Presentation — Provides an opportunity for participants to experience an LPOV presentation given by a senior leader. 

Session 3: Share a draft presentation of their Leadership Point of View. Receive tips for finalizing their written Leadership Point of View.  

Post Work: Triad Coaching Call 

Individual Coaching Experience 

LPOV can be delivered as a one-on-one coaching process that includes an orientation meeting (in person or virtual) followed by a minimum of four one-on-one coaching sessions scheduled over three to six weeks. It coaches a senior-level manager, one-on-one, to create their LPOV in preparation for them to present it as a demonstration to a group of leaders from their organization attending a cohort learning experience.  

This format is ideal for professionals in highly visible roles or who wish to set an example that colleagues can follow. 

If you need more flexibility, our Learning Journey Experience is a six-week online learning journey with two live virtual sessions, individual learning activities, threaded discussions, personal reflection, and curated articles. Because the Learning Journey is a more scalable, lightweight solution that does not include coaching or peer and facilitator coaching calls, qualification is not required. 

Learning Journey Experience 

Week 1: Getting Started — Discover three components of an LPOV, discover the value of sharing an LPOV, and reflect on Key People and Events and how they shaped one’s values 

Week 2: Key People and Events — Connect with a cohort in a live virtual session, reflect on and share Key People and Events, and explore and define Values 

Week 3: Values — Reflect on and write a draft of their Key People and Events story, reflect on and write a draft of their Values story, and continue to deepen their understanding of the value of this work 

Week 4: Expectations for Self and Others — Clarify Expectations for Self and Others, develop a solid draft of their entire LPOV 

Week 5: Getting Feedback — Connect with their cohort in a live virtual session to share and get feedback on their LPOV, provide others with feedback and coaching on their LPOVs, and identify next steps 

Week 6: Sharing with Others — Refine and present your LPOV to your manager and team, and reflect on what you’ve accomplished and how you feel about crafting your Leadership Point of View 

co-workers in a conversation

People want to connect with their managers and understand what success looks like

45% of workers say their immediate boss is the most stressful aspect of their jobs.1 And 50% of employees don’t know what is expected of them.2

1. The McKinsey Quarterly, The boss factor: Making the world a better place through workplace relationships.

2. Fast Company, I spoke to 5000 people and these are the real reasons they're quitting.

Ignite Your Workforce With Leaders Who Can Define And Share Their Leadership Stories

Creating a leadership point of view helps leaders become more inspiring and authentic, self-aware and honest, vulnerable and values-driven. And when people understand their leader’s motivations, they feel more connected and willing to bring their full creativity and productivity to work.

Eliminate Misunderstandings

Eliminate Misunderstandings

Accelerate understanding of leaders’ values and expectations. 
Improve Relationships

Improve Relationships

Help leaders be seen as more authentic and accessible.
Foster Loyalty

Foster Loyalty

Create leaders who are more effective, connected, and supportive.

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