We’ve Modernized SLII® for Today's Leaders

We’re committed to offering dynamic new learning options to power the inspired leaders of tomorrow. Leaders of today have limited time to develop their leadership skills, so we’ve created a shorter, more concentrated, interactive one-day option to transform your managers into SLII Leaders.

Introducing SLII’s One-day Learning Experience!

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Engaging, concise, and focused on use and impact

SLII One-day participants learn the SLII Model quickly, gaining an in-depth understanding of how to set goals, diagnose development levels, and match their leadership style (the direction and support they give) to what their team members need.

  • Choose either in-person (seven-hour session) or virtual (three two-hour sessions) with intersession assignments
  • Experience an energizing combination of in-class activities, group discussions, new videos, peer coaching, and practice opportunities
  • Access a three-step action plan and interactive AI-powered SLII Chatbot that helps leaders immediately apply what they have learned
  • Includes printable materials, worksheets, videos, an assessment, SLII tools, and an updated SLII App

SLII. Powering Inspired Leaders™

An accelerated approach for agile learners seeking a fast-paced option for unlocking their leadership potential. 

Learn SLII more quickly through modernized exercises and tools

Modern Videos

New videos set in a range of industries to show learners how to implement new skills and to build motivation for doing so


A go-to reference tool that helps leaders apply the SLII Model in real-world situations as they unfold

SLII® Chatbot

Our exclusive chatbot uses AI to guide learners to apply their new skills back in the workplace before they are forgotten