SLII® Collaborative Online Course

Become an inspired SLII® leader

Learn SLII through this 5-week, collaborative online course that teaches leaders how to give their people what they need, when they need it. That means having authentic conversations that empower. Caring about their growth. Being their champion. Seeing their promise.

SLII is an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, powerfully simple framework that teaches managers how to diagnose the development level of an employee for a task and then use the appropriate directive and supportive behaviors to help them succeed. SLII enables leaders to build deeper relationships, accelerate development, and unlock creativity.

Course Outcomes

Learn the Situational Approach to Leadership

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Recognize Leadership Differences

Compare perceptions of your leadership style with those of your boss, colleagues, and direct reports.
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Flex Your Leadership Style

Learn how to develop employees by diagnosing their development level, then managing with the appropriate leadership style.
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Make Meaningful Connections

Learn how to reach agreements with others about how much direction and support they need to reach their goals.
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Speak a Common Language

Gain a communication model that enables a high-performing and committed team.
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Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Diagnose the development levels of employees and choose the appropriate leadership style
  • Increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance and development
  • Create a communication model for all levels of the organization to support cultural change and move toward a high-performance organization
  • Become a flexible leader highly skilled at goal setting, coaching, performance evaluation, active listening, feedback, and proactive problem solving
  • Increase individual and organizational accountability by linking goals and planned intentions to an action plan
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Course Details

A blend of asynchronous learning and live weekly sessions led by Blanchard expert facilitators and moderators, the SLII® Collaborative Online Experiences allow participants to learn from their colleagues and practice skills in a safe setting. Cohort-based classes take place over five weeks and blend self-directed learning on a state-of-the-art platform that inspires interactivity with discussions, exercises, reflection, and offline assignments.

  • WEEK 1 — Meet your peers, introduction to the SLII® Model, learn why it matters, reflect on past managers
  • WEEK 2 — Focus on how to set clear and compelling goals with your team; learn how to reframe, clarify, and negotiate poor goal statements
  • WEEK 3 — Diagnose a person’s development level on a particular goal or task
  • WEEK 4 — Learn matching: how to provide the leadership style that gives your people what they need when they need it
  • WEEK 5 — Complete a Capstone Project to demonstrate your mastery of the SLII skills you learned

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit:

  • Individuals in leadership roles who want to increase their effectiveness
  • Mid-level and new managers or supervisors
  • Executives and senior-level managers
Had I participated in this program two years ago, I might have been able to avoid some of the tough situations I encountered as a new manager.
SLII Program Participant

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