Best-selling Leadership and Management Books

Develop your leadership skills with some of the best-selling business leadership books of our time. Together, Ken Blanchard and his coauthors have sold more than 19 million copies in 27 languages.
  • Ken Blanchard

    Leading at a Higher Level

    In this fully updated third edition of Leading at a Higher Level, Blanchard and his colleagues bring together all they’ve learned about world-class leadership, including brand new chapters on building a high-trust workplace, collaborating for high performance, driving success through mentoring, and leading at the organizational level.
  • Ken Blanchard, Kathy Cuff, and Vicki Halsey

    Legendary Service

    Organizations love to be known for great service. Yet most people consider the service they receive to be average, at best. In characteristic Blanchard style, Legendary Service uses a parable to teach the five components of Legendary Service and to illustrate the profound impact they can have on the customer service experience.
  • Scott Blanchard and Madeleine Homan Blanchard

    Leverage Your Best, Ditch the Rest

    Leverage Your Best, Ditch The Rest is a powerful tool that will show you how to take full advantage of your strengths and most positive qualities, while at the same time discarding or getting around whatever gets in your way. Scott Blanchard and Madeleine Homan Blanchard offer new perspectives on how to spend your precious and limited resources, time, emotions, passions, and energy to generate the best results.
  • Ken Blanchard and Robert Lorber, Ph.D.

    Putting the One Minute Manager to Work

    Putting the One Minute Manager to Work turns the three secrets of The One Minute Manager into day-to-day skills and shows how they work in real-life situations, from the boardroom to assembly lines.
  • Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles

    Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service

    Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. To compete in today’s business environment, you have to create Raving Fans. With well over a million copies sold, Raving Fans helps everyone, in every kind of organization or business, deliver stunning customer service. Using a brilliant, simple story, readers learn how to define a vision, learn what their customers really want, institute effective systems, and make Raving Fan Service a competitive advantage.
  • Ken Blanchard, Susan Fowler, and Laurence Hawkins

    Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager

    Ken Blanchard's phenomenal best-selling classic The One Minute Manager explores the skills needed to become an effective leader. Building on these principles, Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager clearly and thoroughly reveals how power, freedom, and autonomy come from having the right mindset and skillset needed to take personal responsibility for success.
  • Ken Blanchard and Renee Broadwell

    Servant Leadership In Action

    At a time when the world is in desperate need of more enlightened leadership, Ken Blanchard and Renee Broadwell bring us an extraordinary collection of perspectives on an ancient idea that is perpetually new: leaders should serve their people, not the other way around. It's not just a moral imperative; it's a far more effective way to lead.
  • Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley

    Simple Truths of Leadership

    Effective leadership comes down to implementing everyday, commonsense practices to help organizations thrive—and yet so many leaders are still missing these fundamental principles from their personal and professional lives. Renowned business experts Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley disclose the simple truths about leadership they have gathered over their long and distinguished careers to help bring common sense into common practice.
  • Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

    The New One Minute Manager®

    The New One Minute Manager is a new edition of the timeless business classic, updated to help today’s managers succeed more quickly in their professional and personal lives. It teaches readers three very practical secrets about leading others—and explains why these techniques continue to work so well in today’s rapidly changing world.
  • Ken Blanchard, Donald Carew, and Eunice Parisi-Carew

    The One Minute Manager Builds High Performing Teams

    Ken Blanchard teams up with Donald Carew and Eunice Parisi-Carew to explain how all groups move through four predictable stages of development and how a manager can help any group become effective and build high performing teams.