Best-selling Leadership and Management Books

Develop your leadership skills with some of the best-selling business leadership books of our time. Together, Ken Blanchard and his coauthors have sold more than 19 million copies in 27 languages.
  • Ken Blanchard, William Oncken Jr., and Hal Burrows

    The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

    The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey teaches managers an unforgettable lesson: how to have time to do what they want and need to do. The authors share why managers who accept every problem given them become hopeless bottlenecks. Through a humorous and too-familiar scenario, readers will learn to become effective supervisors of time, energy, and talent—especially their own.
  • Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller

    The Secret

    In this latest edition of their classic business fable, Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller get at the heart of what makes a leader successful. The Secret reveals the five fundamental ways that leaders succeed through service.
  • Ken Blanchard, Cynthia Omstead, and Martha Lawrence


    In today’s polarized society, building trust—and sustaining it—has never been more important or seemingly elusive. Through a charming fable, Trust Works! shows how to establish common ground and overcome suspicion and discord. Readers learn a common language and the essential skills needed to promote peace and cooperation in their workplaces and their lives.
  • Ken Blanchard, John Britt, Patricia Zigarmi, and Judd Hoekstra

    Who Killed Change?

    Through a witty whodunit, Who Killed Change? shares the story of a hard-boiled detective who is investigating the murder of yet another change. Who Killed Change? provides valuable tools to evaluate the health of your organization's change initiatives and best practices for enabling and sustaining the desired change.