Propel by Blanchard™ for Teams

Building an enduring foundation for success

When you lead a small company with big goals, it’s helpful to have your leaders on the same page. When you implement Propel by Blanchard, business and team leaders gain the support they need to inspire their people, on their own time in their busy schedule. With live leadership training with leading authors and experts, a community of like-minded leaders, and just-in-time tools and resources, you can provide leadership training and support whenever your people need it.

Retain Your People

Invest in your leaders with live real-time learning, not just static videos.

Build Your Culture

Instill a culture of servant leadership and a common language of leadership.

Remove Barriers to Learning

We take care of invites, communications, and end-to-end member experience.

Gain Peer Connections

We place your team in cohorts with other ambitious professionals from top companies. 

Accessible Leadership Training To Drive Enduring Success

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No Ramp Up Time Needed

Easy and quick to get started for any size company—no training department required.
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Proven Content

Access premium leadership content and training honed over four decades and millions of learners.
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Measurable Impact

Inspire leadership growth and culture change you can measure.

Enroll today!

Propel by Blanchard annual membership offers you and your employees the leadership skills, wellness and stress relief resources, and self-awareness that help you personally and professionally. Taught by the world’s experts in leadership, put the power of Blanchard’s tested leadership development programs to work today to help reach your most important business goals. Your people have the opportunity to connect with a community of leaders from top companies learning from and with each other.

Franchises and Small Businesses

Unlock employee potential and build an engaged workplace. 

Managers of Teams

Use your professional development spend on membership, where you build habits together. 

Founders and Sole Proprietors

Develop self leadership skills and an inspiring leadership point of view.

Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Call Center Employees  

Give employees leadership development no matter what shift or when they work.  

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Empower your leaders with Propel by Blanchard

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