Propel by Blanchard™ is for your team

Every team, regardless of size or where they work, deserves impactful leadership training.
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Small Teams, Big Impact with Our Accessible Leadership Training

Did you know that while most companies say leadership development at all levels is important, only 5% of companies have actually implemented leadership training at all levels? And if you are a small company or department, forget it—it’s too expensive, too constrictive, too time-consuming.

That’s why Blanchard created a space for teams to gain the world-class leadership training they need to become the best version of themselves and celebrate achieving their goals.

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Building an enduring foundation for success

At Blanchard, we believe that every team deserves to have access to the tools and training that will help them achieve their goals effectively. Our commitment to helping all leaders succeed starts with our easy, effective solutions, flexible class schedules, and personalized learner experiences. We also work with you to help diagnose your team's needs, set goals, and curate a Propel by Blanchard membership for your "any-size is the right-size" team. With flexible membership options starting at $479 per year, it’s the easiest investment decision you’ll make all year.

Turn-key Leadership Training

With our flexible membership options, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is what level of mastery is right for your team. No two teams are alike in their needs. That’s why we’ve developed two different membership packages to fit a range of business goals.

Sign your team up in three easy steps.

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Pick a Date

Let us know who you want to sign up and when you want their memberships to start.
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Choose a Payment Option

We provide monthly and annual payment options to fit your budget needs.
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You sign off on the membership agreement and we handle it from there! From introductory and ongoing communications to Propel orientations, we make it easy for your team to access the resources to help them soar.
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Let’s talk!

We handle everything from delivering the classes, managing calendar invites, curating just-in-time content, and finding facilitators so you can focus on running your business. Leadership is about conversations. With humans. Come meet ours!