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The Neuroscience of Coaching

We know coaching is a worthwhile investment because it works. What most people don’t really know is why it works. Recent advances in cognitive and social neuroscience may shed some light.
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Ken Blanchard Blazes A New Trail To Build Top Leaders

Read about Ken Blanchard's path from recent PhD to company owner, and some takeaways from his successes and mistakes along the way,

Invest Time in Your People

Don’t avoid or ignore the people aspect of work. Keeping to yourself and focusing only on your work will limit your ability to grow within the organization.
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12 Things Your Executive Coach Wants You to Know

This list of 12 guidelines is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it is a starting point for leaders who already work with a coach, are thinking about working with a coach, or have worked with a coach and could use a refresher.
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A Situational Framework for Leaders and Learners

Great leaders want their team members to succeed and strive to treat them all fairly and equitably. But leaders who think that means they should treat everybody the same are doing their people a disservice.
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Preparing for Your Leadership Prosthetic

Leaders should lean into AI. Here’s how you can start.
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Using Your Head, Heart and Hands to Become a More Empathetic Leader

Being an empathetic leader starts with the simple truth that leadership is about people.
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Leading with Empathy in Times of High Pressure

Incorporate these simple solutions into your routine to enhance your empathy skills as a leader.
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Immersive Learning Without Immersing Yourself in Costs

Immersive simulations make the moments that matter count and reduce the potential of leaving things to chance.
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The Leaders You Need Next

Considering the enormous changes that happened in the last few short years, it’s not surprising that the profile of ideal leaders is evolving quickly.
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Can Empathy and Innovation Coexist?

As the world of work and the world at large are increasingly digitized and broad in scope, we must remain people-first in our philosophy of innovation.
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How L&D Can Support LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Curious about exactly what inclusive organizations do to “get it right”? This Pride month, ATD reached out to April Hennessey, director of innovation and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practice lead at Blanchard, to learn more about her work helping to create inclusive workplaces.
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